Be Gentle

At Gentle Fawn we believe our purpose extends beyond fashion.
We have made the commitment to be gentle to our planet and everyone in it.
This commitment is at the center of everything we do.

See how we are striving to be a little kinder to the world around us.


Gentle Fawn is creating a path toward a more sustainable future. Our aim is to implement change to be gentle and reduce the negative impacts on our environment. We are currently identifying areas with the highest potential for change, both in our office operations and our product design, by exploring lower impact materials, processes and packaging. We will be sharing our journey with you along the way. 

  • As of August 2020 we will be introducing compostable ecommerce mailing bags, made from plant based materials and disposable in home composts.
  • By January 2021 we will be introducing sustainable fabrics such as Modal, Tencel, recycled materials and organic fibers, with the goal to continue increasing their usage within our collections.
  • By January 2021 our garments will be packaged in biodegradable poly bags, reducing the time these plastics spend in the landfill,
  • By January 2021, 100% of our hang tags will be made from recycled fibres.


Gentle Fawn Clothing is designed & developed in Vancouver B.C. and manufactured overseas. At Gentle Fawn, we value ethical and transparent business practices and require the same values from any of our suppliers. All Gentle Fawn products adhere to our standards of manufacturing ensuring ethical working conditions for all workers and compliance with environmental standards. These standards include, but are not limited to prohibition of child labour, forced labour, discrimination, harassment or abuse. Ensuring healthy and safe work environments for all workers is our top priority, making sure our business partners are in compliance with laws and standard workplace regulations. Gentle Fawn has a zero tolerance policy on bribery and corruption.

  • In addition to our own standards of manufacturing, our suppliers also hold worldwide standard certifications, ensuring they are socially accountable in the workplace. Holding certifications such as SA800, WRAP and ISO9001 ensures our facilities are focused on promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing through auditing and education.


We are embracing our responsibility as a brand, and even more so, as a community, to make changes towards the empowerment of women.

Proceeds from our sales have supported national and international organizations that are close to our hearts such as Plan International; Because I am a Girl, One Girl Can, Keep Abreast, Humane Society International and Mamas for Mamas.


Gentle Fawn believes in being gentle and being kind to everyone, including our furry friends. Our products are designed without the use of fur, angora, mohair, silk or leather. We are on a path to eliminating wool usage completely by 2021.